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Ross Cowan – M.E.T.A. Studio

I met Berni at a ABC network meeting and can honestly say that after over a year of knowing him I didn't really know exactly what he did. I mean, I knew he was an interior designer, but I didn't really understand how many different things that involved (apart from organising cushions of course!). 
It wasn't until he agreed to help us with a brand new training studio in Chatham that I realised how diverse and brilliant his work is. From start to finish this massive job had sketches, shopping lists, materials and constant support. The level of professionalism was exceptional with the content needed upfront and on time, absolutely essential when you are in the middle of a big project and managing several tradesman and there expectations. 
The finished studio is awesome. We are beyond happy. Our studio is completely unique, this has elevated our business to a completely new level. When showing new clients around it is a certainty that they will do business with us. Thinking of transforming your space? Want to elevate your home or business to the next level? You need to see Berni..